Easter Basket Ideas

Calling all Easter bunnies 😉 If you are like me, you are always looking for fun, new, or original ideas for your kiddos Easter baskets. I know we are keeping our fingers crossed for a better Easter this year as last year both my girls were throwing up 🙁

Last years Easter basket for Brooklyn- poor baby had the stomach flu but was still smiling!

There are such great things in stores for baskets, but if you don’t have the time to go out and grab all the stuff, Amazon has great finds too (and you have over a week to receive everything, and I’m sure a lot of you have Prime). I wanted to put together an easy list of ideas in case any of you are still looking for some basket finds!

  • Books, books, books! Some favorites around here are: Easter Bugs is always a hit and fun for the kiddos, Easter Surprise is one we just recently got the girls and its also a fun and interactive one, Duck and Goose: Here Come’s the Easter Bunny, we also love anything Pout Pout Fish, including Pout Pout Fish Easter Surprise, and we just ordered God Gave Us Easter for this years basket.
  • My girls are water-bottle obsessed so I am getting them new ones. I researched to find the best leak-proof ones as our Camelbak straw ones have liquid constantly come up the straw! It’s so annoying so I bought Contigo ones which get great reviews and I’ll keep ya posted!
  • Michaels has great little crafts to do with littles. It might be something you include in their basket as a fun activity for Easter morning or to keep them occupied during church!
  • Any JellyCat or TY stuffed animal too! We love the duckling and bunnies!
  • My mom always gets every grandkid a pair of Native Shoes for Easter and all 3 of my sisters boys and my two girls wear them ALL SUMMER LONG! Great for boys or girls!
  • Amazon finds: Wind-up toys, bath toys, light-up squishys, finger puppets, and color-changing straws
  • Bubbles and Sidewalk chalk can be found just about anywhere but I linked a variety from Target!
  • My girls also LOVE gummies! I get them some at Lolli and Pops which is a little expensive… my sister sent me a big bag of gummies that were $5 from HomeGoods so I am probably going to head over there to get some! You should too 😉
  • Pottery Barn has cute little Easter baskets- you can personalize too! Michael’s also has cute baskets that are all 50% off right now!

I hope this list gives you some inspiration and help if you need it for your Easter baskets! I would also love any ideas you might have for baskets!!! I’m always looking for new stuff and would love all your ideas too 🙂


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