What’s Your Fit?

I think that weight and self-image are a constant battle for many people, myself included. We are always striving to ‘lose weight’ or get ‘skinny’ or get in shape for that ‘summer bod.’ I think that the media has skewed our vision of what the average person can and should look like. We are bombarded with the image of these tiny models and we all think we need to look the same in order to be pretty. News flash- these models might look ‘skinny’ but at what cost? They aren’t ever allowed a french fry, or ranch dressing, a burger,… Read the rest

Disney World Vacation

For those that follow me, you know my last family travel day was a disaster with the baby and delays 🙂 whereas this one, was a breeze! We went to Disney World to celebrate my in-laws 60th birthdays and had such a great trip! It was filled with busy days in the park, dining out in Epcot, delicious drinks from ‘around the world’, firework shows, and a whole lot of fun. We traveled with less baggage this time, but were way more prepared 🙂 You live and you learn and last trip I checked a stroller rather than bringing it… Read the rest

Friendships- When to Let Go

Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. The older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young. I know we’ve all been there- wondering how or why you lost a friend. As I’ve gotten older, I have found that there are always people put in your life for what you need at that time. Growing up, you have a few best friends and as you mature through high school and college you have lots of acquaintances, but fewer and fewer close friends. This quote rings… Read the rest

Bachelor Watch Party: Success

Bachelor Night Watch Party Yep, this is happening. I am going to go full on nerd here. I have a friend from High School who has hosted a bachelor watch party for 4 or 5 years now which is 8 or 10 seasons of the bachelor/bachelorette. There is a group of about 10 or so girls that get together every Monday to have dinner together and watch it. It makes watching the show so much more fun when we can chat about all the drama and pick who we think will win, who we like best, etc. The finale of… Read the rest

Valentine’s Day, or ‘Singles Awareness Day’

Good afternoon everyone! As we all know, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Some of you may have a valentine to share this holiday with, however, many of you probably don’t have someone to spend it with. I can’t tell you the number of Valentine’s Day’s I spent with my parents because of a lack of a date 🙂 I think the phrase ‘Singles Awareness Day’ is kind of a funny way to describe Valentine’s Day and rings true to those without Valentines (which was me for many of years). However, not to worry- you can change that mindset right around and… Read the rest