Spring Salad

Hi everyone! I cannot believe this week is Easter- how crazy!!! I am always looking for a delicious, fresh, seasonal salad and this one is just the ticket! If you are needing a salad recipe for your Easter meal, this one is delish, super easy, and can be made ahead of time 🙂 Crunchy, fresh, tangy, and satisfying! I used this recipe as an outline, but found that it didn’t make too much dressing. so I just did my own measurements to taste. I did 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 cup red wine vinegar, and then just under 1/4 cup of… Read the rest

Baked Potato Soup

Easy to make- satisfying and rich comfort food! I love me a delicious and rich bowl full of baked potato soup, and this recipe is SO easy! I ended up doubling this recipe so that we could have leftovers, and we had enough for lunch the next day and also for an additional dinner for all of us (which I froze). It was a dinner win at our house as both my girls loved this too! I hope you guys like this soup and enjoy it before the weather starts getting too warm! *Jamie*… Read the rest

Easter Basket Ideas

Calling all Easter bunnies 😉 If you are like me, you are always looking for fun, new, or original ideas for your kiddos Easter baskets. I know we are keeping our fingers crossed for a better Easter this year as last year both my girls were throwing up 🙁 Last years Easter basket for Brooklyn- poor baby had the stomach flu but was still smiling! There are such great things in stores for baskets, but if you don’t have the time to go out and grab all the stuff, Amazon has great finds too (and you have over a week… Read the rest

Front Entry Console Table

Hi there- The iron on the table gives it that farmhouse look, but the oak finish keeps it warm I wanted to share with you guys an awesome console table I purchased back in December that is on sale! I always struggle with purchases when I’m not able to see it in person, but I am SUPER happy with this table and now that its on sale, its a no-brainer! I will continue to share some decorating ideas as I decorate room by room in our house. I always like to live somewhere a while before I make purchases for… Read the rest

Successful Traveling with Kiddos

Selfie shot! Not the worlds best picture, but hey, we had a successful travel day so I’m not too worried 😉 This post title will probably make a few of you cringe 🙂 Definitely not the easiest task traveling with kiddos, but definitely worth it as the memories won’t be forgotten (for us anyways, neither girl will probably remember this trip). For those of you who don’t know me, we live in Denver and just last week took our two girls (ages 1 and 2.5) to Key West, FL. We were so paranoid about how the flight was going to… Read the rest