Blair’s Winter ‘One’derland Party

Hi everyone! I seriously cannot even believe that my baby is one!! It has been a roller-coaster of a year and I am just emotional over where the time went! I wanted to share with you my party theme for Blair this year, which let’s be honest, the first birthday is totally more for the parents than it is the kiddo 🙂 We went with a Winter ‘One’derland theme for Blair. This post is going to be photos to show you all the fun stuff so look for the links in the captions! We got Blair this cute little snowflake… Read the rest

Easy Tomato Soup

Sometimes you need to go back to the basics with tomato soup and a grilled cheese, or in this case, parmesan croutons! I posted this on Instagram and had a lot of people reaching out for the recipe. Thank you Pioneer Woman for coming to my rescue on making not only an easy, but very delicious tomato soup! Her trick for croutons is amazing and worked so well. I’ve used the trick for creating croutons for many other soups as well– yum!!!!… Read the rest

Raising Little Girls Into Strong Women

One of the most amazing speeches I’ve heard in a while! #girlpower Happy International Women’s Day! What an exciting day to celebrate for all the women out there- cheers! I have many influential women in my life, but this year I am seeing an even deeper meaning in this day as I have two little girls I am raising to become strong, confident young women. I will never forget Pink’s VMA’s acceptance speech in 2017 about her daughter and to her daughter- to love yourself! It was beyond empowering and I strive to be the example Pink is for her… Read the rest

Amazon Finds

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great President’s Day Weekend- it always goes too fast. Anyways, I am all about finding the cutest styles on Amazon recently. A lot of you liked the shoes I posted, so I found a couple of cute tops to check out too. One is more of a loungy/comfy pullover and one is a high-low thermal top you can dress up or down- I hope you like them as much as I did! Cozy pink soft pullover Cute knot detail in the front and comes in several other colors! Close-up of the thermal… Read the rest

Sleep Training 101

Are you a new parent? Are you at the point where you would do anything to get your baby to sleep through the night? I was there with you with both of my girls when they were about 2 months old. Keep reading to find out how to get your baby sleeping through the night by 3 months. With my oldest child, Brooklyn, my husband and I started to follow Baby Wise when Brooklyn was about 1.5-2 months old. It was very hard and tiring and yes, there were plenty of times I wanted to give up, but by 3… Read the rest