Fresh Edamame Salad

With the temperatures dropping in Denver, our house has been busy cooking and prepping some healthy snacks for the week. One of my favorite salads is this Edamame salad that is so colorful, healthy and bursting with flavor! You can have it as a snack, a side, or a meal depending on how hungry you are 😛 A fresh, healthy, colorful salad I hope you all enjoy, I know its a favorite here in the Tamminga house! *Jamie*… Read the rest

Spring Salad

Hi everyone! I cannot believe this week is Easter- how crazy!!! I am always looking for a delicious, fresh, seasonal salad and this one is just the ticket! If you are needing a salad recipe for your Easter meal, this one is delish, super easy, and can be made ahead of time 🙂 Crunchy, fresh, tangy, and satisfying! I used this recipe as an outline, but found that it didn’t make too much dressing. so I just did my own measurements to taste. I did 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 cup red wine vinegar, and then just under 1/4 cup of… Read the rest

Cobb Salad- Can’t Pass Up

Summer is here with the hot temps and the longer days. My husband and I have been eating lighter and healthier recently as you can tell with my recent blog posts 🙂 This particular cobb salad is from a restaurant we went to in Disney World and I just looked up a copy cat recipe for it because it is THAT good! I make tweaks and changes to recipes to cater more towards what I like but I used this recipe and then added some of my own ideas: I did grilled chicken as opposed to roasted chickenInstead of the… Read the rest

Grilled Chicken and Corn Summer Salad

Good afternoon and Happy Friday everyone!!! I have been so darn busy and have neglected my blog as of late and I apologize for that. With summer just around the corner, we are all wanting those bikini bod’s 😉 so I am posting a delicious, filling, and healthy salad that I made. Skinnytaste is one of my favorite places to pull recipes from because they are delicious yet healthy. I followed this recipe pretty closely, but decided to grill the corn to make it a little more ‘summer-esque’ if you will. I grilled the corn about 15 minutes (until it… Read the rest

Quick, Easy, and Cheap Taco Salad Tuesday

*Note- my husband and I are trying to eat healthier so I made mine a taco salad and chose ground turkey but if you want to make tacos or burritos, just add tortillas and if you prefer ground beef, go for it! Make it your own. Ingredients: 1 lb ground turkey1 packet taco seasoning (we used Old El Paso hot n’ spicy and it had a kick!)1 can black beans1-2 heads romaine lettuceTaco Toppings: Jar of salsa (I prefer On the Border, medium), avocado, onions, tomato, sour cream, cilantro, and any others you choose Instructions: Brown ground turkey in skillet.Once browned,… Read the rest