Raising Little Girls Into Strong Women

One of the most amazing speeches I’ve heard in a while! #girlpower Happy International Women’s Day! What an exciting day to celebrate for all the women out there- cheers! I have many influential women in my life, but this year I am seeing an even deeper meaning in this day as I have two little girls I am raising to become strong, confident young women. I will never forget Pink’s VMA’s acceptance speech in 2017 about her daughter and to her daughter- to love yourself! It was beyond empowering and I strive to be the example Pink is for her… Read the rest

Super Soft Camo Sweatshirt

In case you missed my Insta post today, you HAVE to check out this sweatshirt. I am a sucker for soft, comfy and cute and this one checks all three. I hope you all had a great Friday and cheers to the weekend!! Love my little mini me, and this amazingly cozy sweatshirt… Read the rest

Fitness Journey: Self-love or Self-hate?

Happy hump day all! After getting back into a rhythm at the gym over the last month, I was asked a very honest question by my workout instructor. She had asked if my fitness journey was started by self-love or self-hate. Truly, this question didn’t even need pondering because I knew in my heart that I started out this fitness journey with self-hate. I wanted to lose my baby weight, get back in shape, lose love handles, tighten my tummy, get rid of dimples, etc. As I began thinking of all the reasons I was back at the gym I… Read the rest